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Simpher Group Elevator Car Operating Panel (C.O.P) Design


Simpher Group takes pride in presenting its latest elevator innovation with an advanced Car Operating Panel (C.O.P) design. Our elevators are engineered to ensure seamless transportation experiences while adhering to the highest safety standards. The C.O.P design complements the overall aesthetics of the elevator, reflecting the Simpher Group's commitment to excellence.

User-Friendly Interface:

The C.O.P features an intuitive user interface that guarantees ease of use for passengers of all ages. The high-resolution TFT display offers clear and concise information, including floor indicators, elevator status, and emergency messages.

Enhanced Accessibility:

Simpher Group's elevator C.O.P design prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that all passengers, including individuals with disabilities, can navigate the panel with ease. Tactile buttons and Braille labels enable visually impaired passengers to identify different floors and auxiliary functions confidently.

Sleek and Durable Build:

The C.O.P design boasts a modern, sleek appearance that blends seamlessly with any architectural style. Constructed using premium-quality materials, the panel ensures long-lasting durability, minimizing maintenance requirements and maximizing the life cycle of the elevator.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Conscious:

Simpher Group is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. The C.O.P design is equipped with power-saving features, such as an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display brightness based on surrounding lighting conditions. This eco-conscious approach reduces energy consumption without compromising functionality.

Emergency and Safety Features:

Safety is our utmost priority. The C.O.P design incorporates various emergency features, including alarm buttons for passengers to seek immediate assistance. In the event of an emergency, clear and precise instructions are displayed, guiding passengers through the necessary steps for their safety.

Customizable Options:

We understand that each building has unique requirements. Therefore, the C.O.P design is customizable to accommodate specific preferences, including color schemes, button configurations, and additional features tailored to individual needs.

Seamless Integration with Elevator Systems:

Our C.O.P design seamlessly integrates with Simpher Group's elevator systems, ensuring smooth communication between the panel and the elevator control system. This integration streamlines operations, contributing to enhanced reliability and overall performance.


The Simpher Group Elevator Car Operating Panel (C.O.P) design represents the epitome of excellence in elevator technology. With its user-friendly interface, accessibility features, and commitment to safety and sustainability, it stands as a testament to Simpher Group's dedication to delivering the best-in-class elevator solutions.

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